Cautions when choosing a company

Before contracting the installation of new windows to a company, you should inform yourself about the subject. The more you know, the less likely you are to be ripped off.

Ask for several quotes

Ask for quotes from several companies and compare the prices of the windows and the installation. You should request quotes for the same type of windows in order to compare them. Cheap can be expensive, so ask for several opinions. In addition, the estimate must show all the VAT amounts: VAT for the windows (VAT at the standard rate of 23%) and VAT for the labor of installing and dismantling the old windows (VAT at the reduced rate of 6%).

Be wary of quotes that are much lower than the competition’s

If one of the estimates you requested stands out by presenting a value far below the values presented by the competition, try to understand if there is something that is not included in the installation.

In addition, it is important that you try to find out if the company is trustworthy. Are the company’s contact details (company name, location, phone number, contact person) visible on the estimate sheet? Have the windows been measured before the estimate is made? Are the characteristics of the product to be installed described (type of glass, frame, type of opening, etc.)? You should also ask for information on the CE marking (mandatory) of the windows and prefer windows with an energy label. The budget should be as detailed as possible, otherwise you run the risk of being cheated.

Ask for references of works that the company has already done

If the company to which you are thinking of tendering for the installation of the windows is also a window manufacturer, ask for references of works that the company has already done. Be suspicious if the company is reluctant to give you references. Also ask for company references from family and friends you trust who have done the same type of work on their homes.

Ask if the company has its own assembly teams or subcontractors.

Not all window supply companies have assembly teams. Many subcontract this service. The correct installation of the windows is essential to avoid problems, and even more important than making a good choice regarding the quality of the windows to be purchased. Therefore, confirm that the technicians hired to do the installation of the windows are qualified to do it.

Make sure that the company gives you a deadline for the delivery and installation of the windows.

In the budget request, you should ask the company about the deadline for the delivery and installation of the windows. As a rule, because they are in high demand, good companies are not able to start the work immediately after the contract value has been paid. So it is essential that you ask for a deadline for installation, otherwise you may have to wait a long time.

Confirm that the company offers a service warranty

Ask what type of warranty the windows and installation service comes with. There are several types of warranties that cover the windows (frame profile warranty, glass warranty, and hardware warranty). In the case of installation, the warranty is five years.

The tender value should not exceed 50%.

It is quite common for companies to ask for a payment of 50% of the installation value to adjudicate the service. However, if the company asks for an advance payment of more than 50% or 100% of the value of the work, it may be a bad indication.

Didn’t go well? Complain

If problems arise, write a complaint, stating the problem, and send it directly to the company by registered mail. Also give a reasonable time frame for the work to be corrected. If the company does not respond to the complaint, turn to independent bodies such as an industry association.

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