Having a garden in residence is already the best! Adding a water fountain to this garden is the most incredible thing about gardening. The park works as a refuge, making it easy to disconnect from the tiring routine of everyday life and allowing us to relax our bodies, bodies, and soul. To make this environment more pleasant, it is worth investing in a garden fountain, which in addition to creating a superb composition, conveys much tranquility with the sound of water running inside.

Water fountains can deliver serenity and peace to the environment, whether inside or outside the house. Oriental decoration techniques indicate the use of water to attract suitable fluids and prosperity. Those with ample space can dare to decorate the garden, using waterfalls, lakes, fountains decorated with stones and statues and surrounded by lots of greenery, or even those fountains integrated into the pools, which beautify the entrance to the house. For smaller or indoor environments, such as winter gardens, vertical wooden fountains, or smaller versions with bamboo, stones, or more rustic materials, also make a spectacle of themselves for your home garden.

You will see in this article some examples of fountains for homes, which beautify the gardens and convey an atmosphere of peace and calm.

stone fountain

To transform your garden into a charming space, investing in a unique garden fountain is essential. This stone fountain model can make the environment more harmonious and natural, as the sound of the water flowing through the fountain transmits peace and relaxation to the whole atmosphere and gives a very charming touch to the garden.

for meditation

In this project developed by landscaper Chris, the summer house gains space inspired by the Asian style. With natural elements that translate into a calm and highly relaxing atmosphere. The water source is located on the edge of a great lake and allows the resident to enjoy relaxing moments with good energy from the surrounding nature.


There is nothing more luxurious and sophisticated for the outside area of the house than a fountain installed on the wall with a stone texture. This option is modern and innovative. The wooden deck and the plants were chosen to decorate the garden’s surroundings to make the passage between the lake have an impressive look for visitors to the house. This exquisite project is signed by the famous architect Anthony.

natural source

An interesting tip for creating gardens is to create a kind of natural waterfall, with stones and plants in some corner of the park. In addition to being beautiful, this type of garden fountain offers a country atmosphere for your home, like this one that has a unique and natural waterfall.


The garden fountain can also be more modern and current, with materials such as metal and granite, offering a more contemporary touch to the garden. This waterfall fountain model from a panel attached to a wooden wall can be a great accessory to compose your garden with a more modern and current oriental style.

to the house entrance

The garden fountain can be in front of the house’s entrance in a mountain home as an exquisite gateway to this environment. This classic-style garden fountain follows the example of the beautiful square fountains we’ve seen worldwide. This baroque style soapstone model has a waterfall on three levels, and around it is adorned with plants and shrubs, displaying much charm to the external environment of the house.

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